By design if we choose not to do God’s will, then by default we end up doing the devil’s will.

Let us examine two scriptures:
Scripture 1. Exodus 2:1-10
The context of the setting is that alarmed by the numerous Israelite’s around him, the Pharaoh orders the Male Hebrew babies being born in Egypt to be thrown into the river Nile.  In such a difficult time as this, a Levite family has just had a baby boy born. Somehow having hidden the child for first 3 months, the mother realizes that she can hide him no longer without the Pharaoh getting to know about it. The mother does her best to keep the baby alive by putting him in a water proofed basket, and placing the basket among the reeds along the river bank.

Here let us focus on the baby’s sister:
Having been part of all the ‘tension’ in her family for the past few months and having watched her mom do her best to save the baby, this sister also decides to give her best shot to saving the baby’s life. With extraordinary courage and wisdom, she suggests to the Pharaoh’s daughter who discovers the baby in the basket – that she will fetch a Hebrew woman to nurse the baby for her. This suggestion was granted and she fetches the baby’s own mother to nurse him. The baby lives – against all odds – to be later taken into the household of the Pharaoh who ordered the killing.

Here we see God’s idea of love in action:
Sister doing the best for her brother in love. But where did she learn it from? Of course, from her mother who – against all odds – did her best for her baby! Do you find yourself in an unpleasant situation with children around you using words or actions or habits that are offensive or seem wrong to you, and you wonder where they are learning it from? Look no further, by all means, the chances are high that they are learning it from the adults around them (most of the times – from you)!

Proverbs 22:6 (KJV) says:Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it”
Studies suggest that even 18-21 month old babies understand way more than what we would want to believe. If you want to transform the children around you, let your actions transform so that they can learn it from you. And they are watching you very closely.

Let your action speak louder than words and let it speak in love.  When by design, if love or God’s will is not at work in us, we find ourselves in the enemy’s will by default. By design if we don’t concentrate on loving and accepting people, by default we do the opposite. How often are we guilty of judging people around us. Its just like peeling an onion. Layer by layer we peel off the person – by judging them.. and finally when done with all the peeling, it is ‘our eyes’ that start to well up with tears. Mother Teresa said ‘If you judge people, you have no time to love them.’ The enemy always comes to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10)

Scripture 2. Numbers 12
In this passage, we see how the same (loving) sister (whom we saw in the first passage) is up against her brother Moses.

It always takes two to tango. Either Miriam or Aaron could have corrected the other to not slander Moses; but they chose not to. They went into the default mode of destruction when they forgot loving their brother. The Lord did not like it. His wrath came on Miriam and she stood leprous. As soon as Aaron saw her, he repented and cried out to Moses for forgiveness.

In his love, Moses cried out to God to heal Miriam. Love always forgives. It reminds me of a powerful revelation I heard from a person – he said -“If we truly understand the meaning of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, which was for every sin, then we will be willing to and forgive all things done against us.” When we don’t forgive anyone who did us wrong, either we do not understand the meaning of the sacrifice on the cross or we foolishly declare that it wasn’t enough.
Let us take a minute to think and forgive those who have hurt us.

God’s correction, to the act of Miriam and Aaron, was quick. I believe here the Father was disciplining his daughter. And Bible says that God disciplines those he loves.  As parents, let us also not hesitate from disciplining our children. If we spare the rod, we will spoil the child. Let us do our best to love them, to teach them to love and also not hesitate to discipline them whenever required, promptly.

Summarizing, we see that:

  • When by design, if love or God’s will is not at work in us, we find ourselves doing the enemy’s will by default.
  • Let our lives speak to our children through our actions. How you want them to be, so you be.
  • Be quick to repent/forgive others and live in harmony with brother and sisters.
  • Do not hesitate to discipline your children, for their own good and do so promptly.

May God help us to remember the points and apply in our lives.