Present Intentions determine future Actions.

How true is that? The conclusion to a beatiful word exposed by our young youth teacher. As we begin from the very first 21 verses of Daniel we see the faith of a young man and how his initial stand for his principles took him a long way. We are not unaware of the stories of Daniel and his friends and how God worked through them and prospered them in a foreign land, where they were carried to as slaves. Daniel prospered for he who he was inside out. If you do not know what you stand for you can fall for anything.

Daniel 1: 1-7
We see how the Babylonians took captives Israelite’s from royal and noble families of which Daniel was one. A brief journey from nobility to slavery where they lost their charm their grandeur and how they were exposed to a new name, a new culture, a new tradition, new gods, a new language and a new diet. Daniel which means ‘God is my Judge ‘ becomes Belteshazzar which means ‘Bel protects my life’. So was with Daniels and his friends as they were give names to conform to the ways and gods of Babylon empire. They were exposed to the knowledge and literature of the Babylons

Daniel 1: 8
We see Daniel’s resolve(firm determination) not to defile himself with the food. Though coming from a noble family, we see a humble Daniel requesting permission from the chief official to be provided with only vegetables and water for a short span of ten days.

Daniel 1:9-21.
We see the working of God when Daniel determines not to defile himself.
a. God causes the chief official of the Babylon king to show favor and compassion.
b. God causes Daniel and his friends to be healthy and well nourished with just vegetables and water.
c. God give Daniel and his friends knowledge and understanding of all kinds of learning.

Questions to think about.
When faced with personal difficult decisions that stand against Gods moral law, do we resolve to not adapt to the ways of the world and chose not to compromise.?

Read Psalms 15:1-5
Do you want to be the one who will never be shaken?